Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Spelling Words and Phonics Skills

     This summer I have worked on developing a new spelling unit.  I wanted the words to be meaningful so I took our curriculum map and chose the words based on the phonics skilled I needed to teach. Mrs Patton TPT Store

     I am looking forward to teaching a mini lesson on the phonics skill in small group reading, and then have them work with the words and that skill during word work and independent time.

Check out the design!  I think the kiddos will really like the homework page! Mrs Patton TPT Store

     In addition to the homework page, they will complete the traditional homework pages in their spelling spiral notebook.  They do not tear any of the pages out of the spiral.  I teach them to "save a tree" and write on the front and back, as well as the sides and everywhere in between.  They will have the option of rainbow words, ladder words, hidden picture and many more.  
What do you do for spelling?  Does your System have spelling in the curriculum?

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