Monday, July 14, 2014

Georgia Social Studies Unit

I have been working on this Social Studies Vocabulary Unit all summer and I am really excited!
Kim Patton
Last year I worked on several units in Social Studies, but did not feel I did a good job with vocabulary.  We are going to use an interactive notebook this year and I wanted an easy way to teach vocabulary words.  All children love crayons and colored pencils, so my vocab sheet is designed to be used with lots of color.
Kim PAtton
Each week we will take the words and write a definition, give an example or use the words in a sentence.  Most words can be illustrated, so they will draw a picture. 

 I love that all learning types will be covered here.  
Audible: Class Discussion
Visual: Color on vocabulary sheet
 Tactile: Completing graphic organizer

This packet is aligned to the Georgia Social Studies Performance Standards.

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