Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Math Lesson Plan Index

I was looking for more ideas for math and found a site that has majority of Georgia's 2nd grade standards with WONDERFUL math games for centers.  Most are online and will be great to have on the computer for different days.
I am linking  the site instead of each game - Math Lesson Plan Index

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Math Work Stations - Debbie Diller

At the beginning of the summer I discovered a "Blog-Book-Club." 
I am so excited and look forward to implementing this in the Fall!!
I am going to give the links to each of the chapters. 
Once you click over there, you will see all of the other link-ups with TONS of ideas. 
This is so much material, but I love the free downloads and pictures! 

Friday, June 17, 2011

Dots..Dots... Dots....

I attended a three day Number Literacy course as soon as school was out.  It was about Reading and Writing The Language of Numbers by bby publications.  I have so much to learn before school begins.  Several other schools in the district have had previous trainings and it was great having some of their insight throughout the training.  I will continue to update my progress!

Here are a few Ten Frame Games to play online.

Here are a couple of the documents I have worked on...
First week of school DOTS lesson plans
Blank Dots Lesson Plan Template

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Folklore Unit

We worked for four hours yesterday planning this first nine weeks.  We made many decisions about reading strategies, stories, writing, grammar, phonics and spelling.  Here is a spreadsheet of the calendar we are going to follow.  You may need google docs to open up the file.  I have also made a template for lesson plans that I hope to upload soon!  ENJOY!

First Post

After four weeks of summer, I am starting a blog! I have enjoyed reading how other teachers are implementing new strategies into their classroom and I want to jump on board! There is so much out there to learn! Join me on my TEACHING adventure!