Thursday, August 7, 2014

Teacher Approved

I am really excited to announce a new site for teachers - 

A monthly subscription for educators.   Revitalize your classroom with hand–pickedTeacher Approved materials.

Click on the picture to go to their blog!  They highlight different teachers each week who are in their subscriptions each month.  AND I am so excited to announce that I am one of their August downloads for second-third grade!  
Today in honor of being highlighted on their blog, EVERYTHING in my TpT store is 20% off!
Go check out the blog and subscribe for $5 a month and please check out my sale!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Searching for the Best Deal on the Last Day of the Sale!

I love a good sale!  
I really love to get in there and scour the racks and find the best deals!  
First I will type in the general idea
 of what I am looking for.
Here I want to search for a great writing unit 
to help my kiddos me with daily writing.
Then I go down to GRADES and 
narrow down the search by clicking on Second.

Then I do it again under price.  
It all depends on how much I want am willing to spend! 
I am normally real cheap and do not buy 
anything over $6 or $7, 
BUT.... Since it is a sale 
I will probably go to $10 and under! 

You never know what all you can score with a TpT Sale!

Please check back in and share your deals! 
I can't wait to share!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Today is the SALE!

Don't miss your chance to score some amazing deals today and tomorrow!  A group of sellers from Teachers Pay Teachers have teamed up to make shopping easy for you!  Check out this directory on TEACHER APPROVED to find your grade level!
Please click on my store to see all of my units on sale!  Save up to 30%

Check back in on Wednesday and share what all you bought during the sale!  I can't wait!
Back to School - Here we come!

Friday, August 1, 2014

It Is A SUPER Sale!

I am so excited to announce
 TpT is hosting a sale!
Everything in my store is on sale 
Monday, August 4th - 
Tuesday August 5th at midnight!
This is a great time to grab some great deals!
Be sure to use the code BTS14 at checkout!
You can Save 28% off!
A $5.00 unit is now only $3.60

This is major shopping!  
You have to have a plan and be prepared!!!
The first thing I do is clean up my cart.  If I am uncertain I put it on my wish list.  Everything else I leave in there until the day of the sale.  On the day of the sale, I like to take advantage of the most savings.  Suppose I am looking for math interactive notebooks.  I will use the sorting features to narrow it down, and then sort by price!  
I lUrV to save money!!!

Here are a few of my favorite Back To School items:
I used the 2nd Grade EDL word list and the 2nd grade phonics standards to make 16 spelling list for the first semester.  I have a few activities included to get you started, and an activity tic-tac-toe grid to use in a spelling journal for homework.  I am really excited about this unit!

This is my all-time favorite for second grade.  It is a great chapter book to get them hooked on the entire series!

I use this unit during the first few weeks of school to begin teaching all of the Reading Literature standards. 
 They love Mudge and his adventures!

This is a new series for my room this year.  I read these two books last year, but did not have the complete six book set.  I look forward to using them in guided reading and as read alouds.

This sweet book is one I read on the first few days of school.  All of the children can relate to it!  
Very good too for Mother's Day!

I struggled last year with vocabulary in Social Studies and wanted something more consistent.  I have covered the Georgia Social Studies Standards and look forward to using the graphic organizers with the class. 
 Each unit has an assessment included.

I hope you enjoy and 
HaPpY ShOpPiNg!!