Friday, April 1, 2016

Don't Be Fooled!

Teaching is not as easy as it looks!  OR
Object may appear bigger than they really are!
I am not sure who is winning right now, but we keep on-KEEPIN' ON!

   After I made the 3rd Grade Science Bundle and it started selling immediately.  I realized I was on to something!  So I looked back at my store and started thinking about all of the units I could pair up together!  I started BUNDLING everything!  I know I love saving money, and apparently so does everyone else!

This unit is a 2nd Grade Social Studies Bundle.  This complete unit contains

  • Rules and Laws
  • My Government
  • Oglethorpe, Tomochichi, Musgrove & Sequoyah
  • Dr. Martin Luther King (my all-time BEST seller)
  • Jackie Robinson
  • Jimmy Carter
  • Economics

If you are a TpT seller, I highly reccommend you start BUNDLING products together for Big sales in record time!