Thursday, July 17, 2014

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

S C H O O L  S U P P L I E S

     OK, I know! My strange addictions!!! 
But I have decided I could be doing worse - spending my money on worse and harming my body! RIGHT???
I LURV opening a new notebook with a fresh pack of newly sharpened pencils! Mrs Patton TPT Store
      I snapped this picture Tuesday night as I was strolling through Target!  What a beautiful sight!
I decided this year to do interactive notebooks for Reading/ELA and another one for Math.  We only had one composition notebook on the school supply list so I picked up 24 RED composition notebooks for READING.  I figure I could say, "Get out your RED READING notebook," and it would be easier than saying Reading notebook and half of them asking, "Which one?"!!!  I will let them use the one they brought from home for Math!
      I did the same thing for folders.  I like for them to have paper in a $.15 folder.  So I bought 24 Red folders for their Reading folder.  They will use this for Word Work and ELA centers.
     I have been searching for FREE task cards for centers.  I have a lot of file folder games, but have really liked the task cards and scoots I have seen on Pinterest and TPT.  So that has been one project I have been working on.  I have saved them in a folder and plan on printing and laminating during preplanning.
     Near my Small group reading table, I have a bin that I will change out the skill-games every so often.  I have also been working on a SET rotation for SGR.  
I really think that will work better for me and the kiddos!

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