Friday, August 1, 2014

It Is A SUPER Sale!

I am so excited to announce
 TpT is hosting a sale!
Everything in my store is on sale 
Monday, August 4th - 
Tuesday August 5th at midnight!
This is a great time to grab some great deals!
Be sure to use the code BTS14 at checkout!
You can Save 28% off!
A $5.00 unit is now only $3.60

This is major shopping!  
You have to have a plan and be prepared!!!
The first thing I do is clean up my cart.  If I am uncertain I put it on my wish list.  Everything else I leave in there until the day of the sale.  On the day of the sale, I like to take advantage of the most savings.  Suppose I am looking for math interactive notebooks.  I will use the sorting features to narrow it down, and then sort by price!  
I lUrV to save money!!!

Here are a few of my favorite Back To School items:
I used the 2nd Grade EDL word list and the 2nd grade phonics standards to make 16 spelling list for the first semester.  I have a few activities included to get you started, and an activity tic-tac-toe grid to use in a spelling journal for homework.  I am really excited about this unit!

This is my all-time favorite for second grade.  It is a great chapter book to get them hooked on the entire series!

I use this unit during the first few weeks of school to begin teaching all of the Reading Literature standards. 
 They love Mudge and his adventures!

This is a new series for my room this year.  I read these two books last year, but did not have the complete six book set.  I look forward to using them in guided reading and as read alouds.

This sweet book is one I read on the first few days of school.  All of the children can relate to it!  
Very good too for Mother's Day!

I struggled last year with vocabulary in Social Studies and wanted something more consistent.  I have covered the Georgia Social Studies Standards and look forward to using the graphic organizers with the class. 
 Each unit has an assessment included.

I hope you enjoy and 
HaPpY ShOpPiNg!!

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