Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Searching for the Best Deal on the Last Day of the Sale!

I love a good sale!  
I really love to get in there and scour the racks and find the best deals!  
First I will type in the general idea
 of what I am looking for.
Here I want to search for a great writing unit 
to help my kiddos me with daily writing.
Then I go down to GRADES and 
narrow down the search by clicking on Second.

Then I do it again under price.  
It all depends on how much I want am willing to spend! 
I am normally real cheap and do not buy 
anything over $6 or $7, 
BUT.... Since it is a sale 
I will probably go to $10 and under! 

You never know what all you can score with a TpT Sale!

Please check back in and share your deals! 
I can't wait to share!

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