Monday, June 16, 2014

Behavior Management

    I am embarrassed to say that I am ALL OVER THE BOARD when it comes to creating a behavior management system and sticking to it.  I think so much of the reason is because the kiddos are always so different.  Some years  I feel like you can just look sternly at them and everything goes back to normal.  Then there are the years, I pull my hair out because NOTHING seems to work.

    This past year, we used a daily binder that went home everyday with the children.  We created a one-page sheet that went into a plastic sleeve in the front of the binder.  It had the daily homework listed, spelling words, newsletter calendar and a grid to color in behavior.  If they come home on white (paper color) then it was a great day, then you had green, yellow, red...
    It worked for me because I could easily say, "John, please put your binder on my desk."  Then when I returned to the desk I would color in the binder and leave a note for the parent.  Unfortunately I would forgot what I called the binder for (four hours later) and had to ask the child.... Not something I am proud of.
    I have used the red light system with clips before, but rarely remembered to mark their binders in the afternoon at dismissal time.  I have had everyone color their own binders at the end of the day with the red light system, but we had an integrity issue that year and I never did that again.

I have read several post about how to run a class store.  I really want to reward those who do the right thing everyday.  I am collecting pennies this summer and plan on paying for good behavior. Mrs Patton TPT Store
This is similar to what I plan on doing:
Develop a list of classroom rules and expectations.  As children exhibit desired classroom behaviors, they will be rewarded with coins.  I will set certain amounts for each most task.  Likewise, if they do not display desired behaviors, they will be fined certain amounts and lose their coins.  This summer I plan on collecting small items, but also plan on using freebies that they will be able to purchase.

I would love for you to stop by my TPT store! Mrs Patton TPT Store

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