Monday, June 9, 2014

Organization of Math Workshop

I love teaching math!   I am linking up with a super-fun ORGANIZATION linky party to get ready for next year!!

We have been trained with BBY and use What's My Place? What's My Value? every morning.  The children have such a sense of numbers and can do amazing things after just a few weeks of WMP?WMV?
I have found that using a rotation system works best in my classroom.  I will teach whole group math and then the class will break up into groups to practice what we were working on.

Computers - IXL or a Livebinders folder full of math games.
Independent - Math workbook or handout page.
Math Games - Math Box with a game from "last - weeks" skill.
Teacher Table - Reenforce math skill to those who need it - EIP.

Our school pays for IXL.  It is a great computer games based on all second grade math standards.  I love it!  We also have an icon on the computer full of second grade math games.  If you have not heard of livebinders, google the skill you are looking for and add the word livebinders to the end of it.  You will get a FOLDER full of sites to go to.  You may need to open a free account to view, I am not sure.

Independent work is when they will put pencil to paper and practice the skill.  I have made lots of math packets and have them available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  Here are a few of my best sellers.

For Math boxes, I put about 5-6 things in each box.  I teach them how to play each game before it goes into the box.  If they forget, they may quietly ask a friend, if not they have plenty of other options in the box to choose from.  I randomly pass out the boxes and do not currently have a system for who has had which box...
This picture is from Education Journey.  Her shelf looks just like mine, but I do not have another picture...

The teacher table is most important to me.  This is my one-on-one time with most of my students.  This is when we are working on mastering the standards.  I have a box of manipulatives and wipe-boards that are used daily at the table.

Anything that will make teaching easier for me and learning easier for the kiddos!!!
I have several changes I want to make next year.  I really want to organize all of my read aloud  math books and the items needed to help teach that skill.  I have so many good ideas, but if they are not at my fingertips WHEN I need them, they get skipped over.  

I have seen so many cute ideas on pinterest.

I want to organize my flashcards and small game pieces with soap boxes from the dollar store.
I have lots of pins on my classroom board!!

I want to keep supplies neater for math and the classroom.
I loved this idea - found at First Grade Kate!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you enjoy the linky party!!!  Be sure to check out the other fabulous bloggers for even more really fantastic ideas! Go to Laura's blog, Where the Magic Happens, to check out everyone's posts!

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