Friday, June 15, 2012

The Daily 5 - Chapter 1

I tried the Daily 5 last year and it worked great!  I felt like I had control over the classroom and the children were constantly engaged!  I had to tailor it to fit my group of children and this is a partial reprint from another post to show you what I ended up with!

I have 5 groups:
Read to Self
Word Work
Listening Center
Computer Center
Teacher Table.
     I divided the students into 5 leveled groups.  Some groups have four, three or two in a group.  They go to TWO centers per day.  It works out that each student is coming to my table every two days.  I made a small section on a bulletin board with the centers labeled and attached to the board.  It is in a pocket chart, but I stapled it directly to the board.  I gave each group a number.  I rotate the numbers each morning.
So it looks like this:
Read to Self            1
Word Work            2
Listening Center       3
Computer Center      4
Teacher Table          5
     On Monday, Group 1 will go to Read to Self for the first 21 minutes and then to Word Work for the second 21 minutes.  On Tuesday they will start at the Listening Center and the move to Computers.  On Wednesday they are at the Teachers table and back to Read to Self.
     On Tuesday morning, I will move the numbers like this:
Read to Self            4
Word Work            5
Listening Center       1
Computer Center      2
Teacher Table          3
     I told the children that I would NOT move the numbers during Small Group Reading, but we would all know to drop down to the next center at the chime.  The first day one of my girls went over to "help" me move the numbers and the rest of the class jumped all over her - NOT to move it during SGR.  I have so many "helpers."
     I have 45 small cubbie boxes in my room.  Twenty are for their backpacks and Basal books and the rest are for storage.  I cleared a row of five and made a box for each group.  I have group one's sight word cards, leveled readers, fluency check sheets... and so on in THEIR cubbie.  Group two does not need all of that, they have their guided reader books and a different set of fluency packets...
     I love sitting at the half moon table and being able to turn around and EVERYTHING I need for that group at my fingertips!  It has really worked so much better than last year!
   I spent the first few weeks teaching "Read to Self", listening center, word work!  When we divide up into groups, the talking is minimal and everyone is actively engaging in reading!!  My principal would be so proud! 

Please join the LINKY PARTY  at Lory's Page for more ideas and inspiration!!

Added Information:
Starting on the first day of school, I introduced Read to Self. At meet the teacher, I had the students place 3-4 books into their book box.  On the first day, I showed them the different places around the room they could sit (pillows, bean bags, fun chairs, under desk...) I went over the rules (making an anchor chart) and let them read for 3 minutes.  We put everything up and then did it again after lunch for 3 minutes.  If anyone talked, we cleaned up early.  I do not remember stopping early on the first day, but we did end early on the second and third day because someone was talking.  This sound harsh, but they learn quickly your rules and what is and isn't acceptable.

I used this site to get visuals for how it would look in an actual classroom.

Mrs. Bainbridge also has a great resource of information on getting started.


  1. When you introduced the work stations: Read to Self, Listening Center, and Word Work.. Did you introduce one at a time and practice before introducing a new station? If so, how long did you practice?

    Primary Graffiti

    1. Thanks for your comment! I have added some more resources I used by linking them to my original post. I am so thankful for this book study! I plan on refining Word Work this year! It was not my strong point!

    2. The website links are great! Looks like some real Daily 5 pros out there! =D


  2. Thank you Mrs. P... you sound like a pro. I have the same quetion as Cheryl... I'm hoping that we can discuss the ins and outs of building stamina ;)
    Thanks again for joining us!!

    1. Thanks for you comment! I have added some additional information on the post about the first couple of days and stamina! I am so excited about this book study! There is always room for improvement!

  3. Thank you!! I'm planning on doing this next year in my classroom. But I didn't really know where to start. You have great ideas. Thank you for the links too.


  4. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and links! I am unable to access the guide for the first week of school. It says I need permission to access. Can you help please or send to me? Thanks so much! Cindy

  5. I used the Daily 5 in my class for the first time last year and really liked it. I am looking forward to revising it to fit my group of kids this year and learning from all of your experiences and the other awesome bloggers. I can't seem to get the FIRST WEEK link to work from your page. It says I am not granted permission. Do you know how I can fix this??


  6. I am sorry the document was not open. It is now. I found this on another site, but made changes to it and do not know the original owner - I am sorry!!! It is wonderful, if I find the post I will list it. I give them all of the credit.

  7. It is absolutely brilliant to have the kids place boxes in their bin during the Meet The Teacher event - before school even starts. As soon as I click publish, I will be putting this to my list of things to add to my summer prep list. Glad I found you . . .

    Kelley Dolling
    Teacher Idea Factory

    1. I too like that idea. Thanks for sharing.

    2. Thanks! This gives the children something to do while I am sharing information with their parents!