Monday, June 18, 2012

BOOK STUDY: In Pictures and In Words

Teaching the Qualities of Good Writing Through Illustration Study
by Katie Wood Ray
I am so excited about the latest book study!  I really  learn a lot last year with Debbie Diller's Math Stations Book and I am looking forward to this summer's read as well!!  Here is a break down of the study with questions:

Chapters 1-6 Why illustrative studies?
June 22th by 

How might you explain to students that illustrating is composing?
•How might your attitude towards writing affect your students’ willingness to write?
•How might you help students build stamina in their writing.
•What language might you use with your students talk about reading like a writer, bother as a writer of words and pictures?
•Name several books (not previously mentioned in this text) you would gather for your classroom’s units of study on illustration.

Chapter 7-Ideas and Content
June 29th by me at

  • Which books in your collection are good examples of this illustrative technique?
  • Do you see any other writing connections not described?
  • What other illustrative techniques can you add?
  • Do you have student examples?

Chapter 8-Precision and Detail
July 6 by Kathleen at www.growingkinders.blogspotcom

Chapter 9-Wholeness of Text
July 13th by Cheryl at

Chapter 10-Tone
July 20th by Deanna at

Chapter11-Layout and Design
July 27rd by Kim by

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