Thursday, July 21, 2011

What Does Daily 5 Look Like In the 2nd Grade Classroom?

I am very excited to launch the Daily 5 this year.  I have read and read and read all about it this summer.  After trying to describe what I was going to do with several teachers, I decided it would be better to write about it.  But I remembered the site I was so inspired by and thought I would link you up to her!  I  love the visuals and she explains it beautifully!

While on vacation I made the family stop multiple times for a TARGET run!  Their dollar section for teachers is amazing.  If you have not stopped into a Target in a few weeks, NOW IS THE TIME!  I found the magazine boxes for $2.50 each.  They are similar to the ones at Really Good Stuff.  I wanted 25 of them in blue, green and yellow, so we stopped in Chicago, Louisville, Atlanta... until Mom had everything she was looking for!  I can't forget about my Stapes run on Sunday to get my penny pencils and highlighters...

A teacher has to do what a teacher has to do!!!  :)

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