Saturday, July 2, 2011

Folklore Unit is Complete

We have had a wonderfully productive summer!  I cannot wait to get  back into the classroom and start setting everything back up!  I was given a new title, "OCD teacher."  I am starting to think it is not such a small club with all of the blogs I have read this summer! 
Here are a few freebies that I have made over the past week!  Enjoy!
This graphic organizer covers the first six skills we teach in reading - predictions, author's purpose, characters, setting, retelling and nouns.
For Realistic Fiction we  have planned a week of Mr. Putter.  They are going to love this character.  After we read several books we are going to introduce poetry with an acrostic of his name.  I am so excited about this school year!  I took my girls to the dollar store with me and one of them said, "I feel sorry for your kids last year.  They did not have any fun."  Bless them...

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