Friday, July 1, 2016

Is it Too Soon To Think About Next Year??

        I have enjoyed my summer vacation so much!!  This year my husband and I decided to take a two week trip IN THE CAMPER!  At first we thought about going out West, but then decided to stay on the East coast.  We dwindled our itinerary down from 8 stops to 3!!  And I am so glad we did!!!
     It is a lot of work setting up camp!  We went to the mountains, a lake and to the beach!  We had the best weather in the mountains and at the beach!
     Our three teenagers had a great time, except for the lack of wifi in spots!  It only became an issue for the girls when they realized they could not watch the Bachelorette or the Men's Soccer Game.  Our son ran into a few snags with the online college courses he is taking this summer, but other than that, we have not missed the fast paced life we normally live!
Every morning I would wake up, have my quiet time and begin working on a TpT project.  I really cranked out a lot of projects and enjoyed every minute of it!  My husband is a numbers-guy and has told me all along, to grow my business I need a lot of products to appeal to a broad audience.  So I have focused on second and third grade and I have made a unit for basically everything I have ever taught!

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