Monday, May 2, 2016

I Think I Can, I Think I Can...

We are there and I am so excited!  The last two months have been extremely rough with a few of my students, but we did it!  We can see the light!!!

I have made several end of the year goodies and want to share!
Here is a packet to get you through the last few days of school.  They are a review and easy enough that the students will not be crying and neither will you!

 This is one of my favorite graphs!  They love telling their stories of what their summer plans are and where they went last year!  By now they know how to collect the data and they pretty much finished it by themselves!  I gave the girls a piece of butcher paper and they made it for the class!
I made several sets of cards and they were able to match the reflexive pronouns and contractions easily!
It always amazes me how much they grow in one year!  They come in so "feeble" and leave so boldly!  I love my job!!!

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