Saturday, September 10, 2011

Phases of the Moon

     I love having something extra for them to work on that is a treat!
     I had three tests on Friday, so they deserved a break!  They took a spelling test on digraph review words from first grade, a noun test (common, proper, possessive and plurals) and a math rounding test (nearest tens and hundreds). 
     For our Science lesson, they took paper plates and divided it into fourths.  They wrote the four moon phases that we covered (Full, 1st quarter, New and 3rd quarter) onto the plate.  Then they had to eat the Oreos to make it match the plate.  They loved it! The one she is holding has the Oreos glued to the plate.  They did not glue theirs; they ate them once I checked them off! 
It was a FUN FRIDAY!

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