Saturday, September 3, 2011

My Classroom

 I am having a wonderful year!  All of our planning this summer has really paid off!  I have enjoyed having all of my reading and language arts lessons planned out and ready to go!  It has really been a smooth start!
Here are a couple of shots of my classroom.  I spent a couple of hours getting everything ready for small group reading.  I have taught many segments of the Daily 5 over the past few weeks.  Now we will see if it pays off!
I am enjoying the table tops.  Everyone has a partner the way I have it set up.  The one thing I did not plan on was one of my students not speaking English!  Every year has its challenges...that is this years challenge!
I am absolutely LOVING Pinterest!  I have made so many anchor charts from all of the great finds on there!  I LOVE it!!!

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