Wednesday, December 28, 2011

RTi and Small Group Reading

Here is a snipit of their RTi page
For two years I have failed miserably tried to grasp RTi and what it should look like with each individual student.

I know what small group reading should look like and feel I have it going on this year (read about the Daily 5 here), but how to probe, monitor and record for RTi is driving me into OVERLOAD!

I am in Georgia and found a site that is very helpful!  Hall County put it together for their teachers, but it is not blocked so they are sharing it with all of us - right?  Here is a link to their literacy page and all of their goodies!

I am currently tracking one Tier 3 student and my responsibility is sight words.  I found these documents very helpful and LOVE the forms!  They are very useful and will work for probing and graphing!  Thanks Hall County!

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